Your anaesthetist

The doctor from St Andrew's Anaesthesia who is providing your anaesthesia is a highly skilled medical specialist and is trained to carefully look after you during your procedure. This includes providing pain free surgery - using intravenous sedation, regional or general anaesthesia as appropriate. As well as monitoring you closely to ensure your good health and wellbeing while the surgeon operates.

Statistically, Australia is one of the safest places in the world to have an anaesthetic. Australian trained Anaesthetists have first graduated from medical school, then after completing an internship and one year of residency, have undertaken a period of at least 5 years of further training. During this time they trained in how to provide anaesthesia, control pain both during and after surgery, manage acute resuscitation and treat medical emergencies. Many of the anaesthetists at St Andrew's Anaesthesia have also undertaken further training in subspecialty areas (eg paediatric anaesthesia and neurosurgical anaesthesia) either interstate or overseas.