Your Pre-Operative Assessment

Your anaesthetist will talk to you before your surgery. In some instances this may occur just prior to your procedure. Your previous and current health is important, as are any medications that you are taking, including 'over the counter' medications, any adverse reactions you may have had in the past to medications, and whether you or anyone in your family have had any problems with past anaesthetics.

You should also tell your anaesthetist whether you smoke, how much alcohol you drink and whether you currently use, or have in the past used, illicit drugs. All this information is necessary to ensure your safety and comfort during your surgical procedure. In some instances your anaesthetist will ask that you have some testing prior to the anaesthetic (eg a blood or heart function test). Your anaesthetist will use all this information to decide which way to best approach your anaesthetic. At this time your anaesthetist will give you the opportunity to ask any questions or to raise any concerns you may have.