Informed Financial Agreement

An Informed Financial Agreement (IFA) will be sent to you prior to surgery. This information will either be posted, emailed or texted to you. In keeping with our privacy policy, all electronic correspondence sent to you will be password protected.

In the case of emergency or late add on surgery we may not be able to get this information to you.

The IFA is an estimate based on the information given to us from the Surgeon's rooms.

When quoting costs for anaesthesia billing for your treatment, several factors cannot be determined until after the procedure such as complexity of the surgery, time taken and the general health of the patient, therefore the anaesthetist fees you are quoted are an estimate only.

You are requested to consent to the estimate. This can be done by returning the signed IFA by post or email. If you have been sent an email or text, replying to these messages acknowledging consent is suitable.

St Andrew's Anaesthesia endeavour to meet the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) 'gold standards' of IFA delivery.

Prepayment of your anaesthetic account is required in some cases. This could be due to your insurance status, if you have overseas cover, cosmetic procedures or if the Anaesthetist’s own payment guidelines request prepayment.

The IFA will have instructions on how much needs to be prepaid and how to make those payments.

Please contact the administration team if you have any queries or if you require an estimate.