Parent Attendance

Each hospital has different policies regarding whether a parent is able to come into the anaesthetic room. However, many children stay relaxed if a parent comes with them to the anaesthetic room, so usually a parent can be present right up until the child is asleep.

If you are very nervous or upset, it is best not to come into the anaesthetic room. Your anxiety is conveyed to the child and makes induction of anaesthesia more stressful for everyone. As only one parent is able to be present, it is best if the calmest parent attends.

In some circumstances, you will NOT be allowed to accompany your child. Children less than 6 months of age do not benefit from having a parent present. We are unable to allow parents into the room during emergency cases for safety reasons. The final decision on permitting the parent to be present at the start of the anaesthetic rests with the anaesthetist.

Watching your child go to sleep may be upsetting and stressful. Children often roll their eyes, twitch, snore and go limp very quickly. This is all perfectly normal. You must leave as soon as you are instructed to so that the anaesthetist can concentrate on looking after your child.