Accessing your IFA

All electronic communication is password protected to protect your privacy. The password is the patient’s date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY).

A link is provided to you either via SMS text message or via email. Once you click onto the link, you will be asked to provide the patient’s date of birth. Once you are in this screen, you can navigate through and obtain information about your anaesthetist, the procedure you will be having and fee information.

The fee information will show the estimated fee, your estimated rebates (if applicable), estimated out of pocket and details of when the fee needs to be paid. Some procedures need to be paid prior to the surgery date. This can be for cosmetic surgery, uninsured patients, fixed fee out of pockets or due to the individual anaesthetists billing policies.

Payment can be made via this online portal or if you would like further payment options, please request for the report to be emailed to you.